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Published Papers:

1. Health, Longevity, and Welfare Inequality of the Elderly (with Ray Miller)

    The Review of Economics and Statistics (2023), Vol. 105, Issue 5

2. Macroeconomic consequences of stay-at-home policies during the COVID-19

    pandemic (with Ayse Imrohoroglu)

    European Economic Review (2023), Vol. 152, 104266

3. Demographic Transition, Human Capital and Economic Growth in China (with Ray Miller)

    Journal of Economic Dynamics and Control (2021), Vol. 127

4. Parental Caregivers and Household Power Dynamics (with Ray Miller)

     Feminist Economics (2021) DOI: 10.1080/13545701.2021.1975793

5. Social Insurance, Demographics, and Rural-Urban Migration in China (with Ray Miller)

    Regional Science and Urban Economics (2021), Vol. 91

6. Pension Plan Heterogeneity and Retirement Behavior

    European Economic Review (2019), Vol. 116, pp. 28-59

7. Health Disparities and the Socioeconomic Gradient in Elderly Life-Cycle Consumption (with Ray

    Miller and David Canning)

    Journal of the Economics of Ageing (2019), Vol. 14, 100176

8. The Macroeconomic and Welfare Implications of Rural Health Insurance and Pension Reforms in 

    China (with Ray Miller, David Canning and Akshar Saxena)

    Journal of the Economics of Ageing (2018), Vol. 11, pp. 71-92

9. Causes of Death and Infant Mortality Rates Among Full-Term Births in the United States                          Between 2010 and 2012: An Observational Study (with Gunther Fink)

    PLOS Medicine (2018), Vol. 15(3), e1002531

Working Papers:

1. Revisiting Retirement and Social Security Claiming Decisions (with Kathleen McKiernan);

    Revise and Resubmit at the Review of Economic Studies

2. Exercise or Extra Fries? How Behavior Impacts Health Over the Life Cycle" (with Vegard Nygaard

    and Ray Miller); Under Review

3. Welfare Costs of Misinformation (with Kathleen McKiernan)

    Accepted St. Louis Fed-JEDC- SCG-SNB-Conference special issue of Journal of Economic Dynamics                    and Control

4. End-of-Life Liquidity (with Giovanni Gallipoli and Kathleen McKiernan)

5. Insurance Through Marriage: Case of Parental Long-Term Care Shocks and Social Security Claiming

    (with Ray Miller)

6. Consumption Smoothing and Household Savings: Role of Demographics and Durables

     (with Areendam Chanda and Jingyi Fang)

7. Consumer Learning and the Entry of Generic Pharmaceuticals 

    (with Pinar Karaca-Mandic, Jeffrey McCullough and Amil Petrin); NBER Working Paper #23662.


Labor force participation of men by pension plan type.

Data Source : Health and Retirement Study


Income Gini coeffcient by age of family head, 1979-2012.

Source: Bosworth, B., Burtless, G., and Zhang, K. (2016). Data from Census Bureau's Annual Social and Economic Supplement files from the CPS. An aged head is 62 years old or older.


Population Pyramid for China for the year 2010. Source:

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